Replacement 5 Filter Kit for PUREGEN PROQ5-50

Replacement 5 Filter Kit for PUREGEN PROQ5-50

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This filter set includes five replacement filters for the PUREGEN quick-change

50 GPD 5-Stage Reverse Osmosis Water System, PROQ5-50.

The 5-filter kit includes all filters for the Pro-Q System:

Stage 1: 5-micron Sediment Filter, QSF-25003. It has high chemical resistance; it removes dirt, sand, and rust. In fact, it removes any suspended matter (>5 microns) from water, thus protecting the other filters. This filter is disposable.

Stage 2: Granular Activated Carbon (GAC) Filter, QGA-25002. GAC filter removes chlorine and organic chemicals.

Stage 3: 10-micron Carbon Block Filter, QCB-25001. This carbon filter takes out residual chlorine and organic chemicals before the water goes into the RO membrane/filter.

Stage 4: 50 GPD Reverse Osmosis Membrane-Filter, QME-25050.

Stage 5: Inline GAC Filter 2"x10" (does not include end fittings; use the same fittings from old filter or order 2AME0404 )

All five filters are changed once a year.  To get the 4-filter kit without the Membrane (Stage 4), order RPL4-PROQ5-50.

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