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Eden Filters specializes in water filtration systems and products. Eden Filters is committed to serve end customers interested in drinking water systems for their home and/or business. We provide feasible and economical solutions for common water quality problems.

There is an increasing concern about contaminants found in domestic water sources (nitrate, perchlorate, arsenic, chromium, uranium, fluoride, etc) and microorganisms (viruses, bacteria). In many cases, public water systems provide central treatment to address these issues. In most cases, the water consumer needs to take some steps to ensure they are getting the best drinking water. The installation of a reverse osmosis system or a carbon filtration system at home can be a simple and affordable solution. Buying a point-of-use water treatment system (e.g., under-sink filter or RO system) should always be more cost effective than buying bottled water.

We provided some information on this site under Knowledge Base to answer common questions (e.g., FAQ, troubleshooting, maintenance). After you do your reading on this site, if you want to consult with us on issues related to drinking water filters and filtration products, please send an email.

Our satisfied customers are our assets; they come again for buying replacement parts and they refer friends and family members to buy same. We provide technical support to our customers and provide at least one year warranty on all products to ensure customers of a trouble-free purchase. All products sold by us are fully guaranteed against defects in material and construction. The Drinking Water systems are all made from elements tested by non-profit third party testing agencies.

Our policies on privacy, shipping and return are explained clearly on this website.

We ship orders on time.

We handle online payments securely.

Customer service is important for our business; we work diligently to resolve any issues.

We keep customer information private and confidential.

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