Color Change Resin Deionization Water Filter Cartridge 2.5"x10" 2-Pack

Color Change Resin Deionization Water Filter Cartridge 2.5"x10" 2-Pack

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A set of two filters cartridges of the following: DI-2510-CC. Each cartridge is 2.75" dia x9.875" H and it fits in the standard 10" housing.

The DI cartridge is filled with color change De-Ionization (DI) resin by Puroflo (# WS-MBDI-CC). The cartridge contains the highest grade Gel PolyStyrene Crosslinked with DVB resin. This mixed bed (cation and anion) moist spherical bead deionization resin is ideal for ultra-pure water applications (medical, dental, aquarium, etc.).

This filter is normally used after a reverse osmosis membrane to reduce minerals in water and produce ultra-pure water with almost 0 TDS or conductivity values <0.1 us/cm. The following 5 stage RO/DI system uses this cartridge as the final stage: RO5-24-DI.

In the clear cartridge, there is polypropylene pre- and post-filters and Buna gasket on top. These filters reduce the possibility of losing the resin and they slow the flow for effective deionization. The cartridge has a capacity of 250 grains and an initial pressure drop of 1.5 psi at a flow rate of 0.25 GPM. It is wise to buy TDS meter to monitor TDS in water to determine when the media is exhausted and cartridge replacement is needed.

Dimensions: 2-3/4" diameter x 9-7/8" H (actual)

Service Life: depends on TDS but it will remove 250 grains from water.   If water out of the RO system has TDS of 0.1 grains, it will be good for 2500 gallons.

Recommended Flow: 0.25 GPM (It is met by most RO systems drawing water from the pressure tank).

Temperature Range: 40-100 F

Wt each: 1.4 pounds

Alt Part No. RC-25975C-2 ; compare to Penteck PCF1-10MB

SKU: 2DI-2510-CC ___ UPC: 852869004688