EDEN Alkaline Mineral Inline Water Filter 2.5" diameter

EDEN Alkaline Mineral Inline Water Filter 2.5" diameter

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An inline mineral filter that is 2-1/2" in outside diameter and 12-1/2" in length, with 1/4” FNPT ports. The filter contains the best available media, a blend of ceramic balls with different functions and properties (e.g., far infrared, ORP). Water filtered through the media will have spring water quality, alkaline drinking water with higher pH, higher mineral content, and lower ORP. 

During the life of this filter (3000 gallons) and with use, pH will go down gradually (say from 9.5 down to 7.5). You may change the filter when you reach the minimum you want based on pH or TDS, as measured by handheld testers. This filter is intended as post-filter after a reverse osmosis purification system [e.g., EDEN RO5-50, RO5-100], but it can be used with any filter system. This filter will provide beneficial minerals such as calcium, magnesium, potassium. Use this water in any drink you prepare (e.g., ice tea) and you will see the difference.

The purchase of this filter includes two mounting clips and two elbows quick connect fittings for 1/4" tubing. When adding this filter after an RO system, purified water will flow through the media before reaching the drinking water faucet. Using the mounting clips you may mount the filter on the side under the sink.

This filter combines performance with aesthetics (e.g., taste), and its purchase comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee from the manufacturer, Eden Water Filters.

Service Life: one year or 3,000 gallons ;
Maximum Pressure: 90 psi ;
Maximum Flow Rate: 0.5 gpm ;
Maximum Temperature: 100 F;
Wt: 1 lb 6 oz ;

When used with Reverse Osmosis water, it can (depending on feeding water) raise pH up to 9.5 and lower ORP below -300 mv.

What is the direction of flow in this filter? In this filter, it makes sense to assume flow is from the dome cap to the other end. Reversing it is not a reason to panic because it will work also.

Use Teflon tape on the fittings (3-4 rounds) to make a good seal. When using this filer with an existing RO system, it is not uncommon for some customers to complain about taste at first. We recommend adding bleach (1 tsp) to the inlet of the filter to disinfect the media. This may be needed only once at first use. To accomplish this goal, some people find ADMF0404 fitting useful.

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