Feed Water Valve Quick-Connect Fitting for ¼ inch Tube

Feed Water Valve Quick-Connect Fitting for ¼ inch Tube

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The connection of an under-sink filter system to the water supply has never been easier than with this quick-connect fitting. This feed water valve has been developed to tap into an existing cold water line between the shut-off angle stop valve and the bottom of the riser tube that goes up to the faucet. It is ideal for use as a water "feed/supply" source for applications involving: Reverse Osmosis Filtration Systems.

  • Quick-connect ¼” OD tube connection

• 90° handle movement between on and off positions

• Can be swiveled for better positioning

• Polypropylene body construction

• 3/8" compression fittings connect directly to most water supply valves

• Lead-Free

• Fits standard 3/8 male stop valve

A tough, engineered thermoplastic polypropylene material minimizes the potential for cross-threading, and a removable C-clip allows the installer to switch the handle orientation. The swivel body design allows for easy installation in tight spaces. The 1/2-inch angle stop valve comes with an adapter and can be converted to either 1/2-inch IPS or 3/8-inch compression plumbing systems.