HiDROTEK 3 Stage Quick Change Ultrafiltration Water System

HiDROTEK 3 Stage Quick Change Ultrafiltration Water System

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This Quick-Change three-stage ultrafiltration (UF) water system by HiDROTEK provides clean water for residential customers. It is compact in size for a neat installation under the kitchen sink. The self-encapsulated Bayonet filters and the UF membrane element are removed and replaced with a simple 1/4 turn, while the internal valve shuts off the flow automatically when the cartridge is removed. The replacement procedure is easy and sanitary.

The system has Quick-Connect fittings making the installation process an easy one.   The Bayonet filters have valves built into the heads to prevent backflow. With the built-in auto shut-offs, there is no need to turn off the water supply prior to maintenance. The quick-change system needs no tools (e.g., wrench) to change the filters and no electricity is needed for the operation.

It is perfect for residential use when:

(1) tap water has no major contaminants (nitrate, arsenic, uranium, fluoride, etc.), and has total dissolved solids (TDS) less than 250 mg/L,

(2) there is limited space under the sink, and

when customers:

(3) want easy change (within seconds and without tools and without shutting off the water supply!) and clean/sanitary replacement of filters, and

(4) want to avoid the disadvantages of reverse osmosis, wherein: i) RO systems generate brine/wasted water more than double what is being produced, and ii) RO systems remove useful minerals such as calcium and magnesium.

The three (3) filtration stages are as follows:

1st Stage: 1-Micron CTO Carbon Filter CTO-10F (replace every 6 months or 660 gallons); takes out most of the chlorine and organic matter.

2nd Stage: 0.1–Micron ultrafiltration membrane element UF-10F (replace every 6 months or 660 gallons); takes out most of particles and organisms larger than 0.1 microns in size and high molecular-weight substances, colloidal materials, and organic and inorganic polymeric molecules.

3rd Stage: 10-Micron Post Carbon Polishing Filter T33-10F (replace every 12 months). This filter provides the final polishing of water after the storage tank.

This system comes complete with an installation pack, color-coded tubing, and filters. It comes with a lead-free modern faucet with chrome finish. The installation pack includes a feed water valve and inserts in addition to the installation manual.

Once the water has been filtered, desirable minerals like magnesium, calcium, and potassium are left behind in the water. If your tap water has specific contaminants that you want to remove then you should buy FS3, which allows you to install a Specialty Filter Cartridge. Please note that a reverse osmosis system (e.g., ROQ5-49F) will remove all contaminants from water.

12-MONTH REPLACEMENT FILTER KIT: RPL3-KUF3 (1 x CTO-10F ; 1 x UF-10F; and 1 x T33-10F )

This filter system can be easily installed under the sink or mounted on the Wall. The purchase of this product also comes with a one-year limited warranty on all parts.

All filters have the following specification:

Maximum Flow: 1 GPM

Pressure: 15 - 60 psi

Temperature: 40 - 100 F Service

Dimension: 11" Width X 4 1/2" Depth X 14" Height " fits under any sink";
Shipping Weight: 8 lb

Ultra Filtration, a membrane-technology separation method is not like Reverse Osmosis.

Alt Part No. KUF-3, UF-3,

SKU: KUF3 ___ UPC: 0852869004749