Ice-Maker Hook Up Kit  ((1/4" Tube)

Ice-Maker Hook Up Kit ((1/4" Tube)

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This kit includes:

(1)   Straight Ball Valve Union 1/4" (SKU: BVU0404)

(2) Tee Union 1/4" QC (SKU: ATU040404)

(3) 20 feet of tubing (1/4" O.D.)

(4) 1 foot of tubing (1/4" O.D.)


(1) Cut the blue tubing that feeds the faucet and install the "Union T" in the location of the cut.

(2) Decide on the location of the handball valve. If you want it under the sink, use the 1 ft tube (provided) to connect it to the Union Tee. Otherwise, if you want the valve to be behind the ice-maker or refrigerator, connect the 20 ft tube to the Union Tee.

(3) Connect the quick connect hand ball valve on the line that feeds the ice-maker. Do you need extra tubing? email us.