Inline GAC Filter 2"x10" QC 4-Pack

Inline GAC Filter 2"x10" QC 4-Pack

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 This is a set of four (4) inline GAC filters 2"x10" with built-in quick-connect fittings. So, no additional fittings are needed to connect with ¼” tubing. You just push the 1/4" tube into the end fittings until it stops.

The inline acid washed GAC filter can be used as a post RO filter, or as a standalone filter on the line feeding the fridge or icemaker to provide filtration to drinking water. If the fridge has a built-in filter, using this one on the external line will prolong the life of that expensive fridge filter!

GAC used is 100% Coconut Shell Carbon with 12x40 Mesh Size. This filter is tested and certified to meet industry standards for the reduction of chlorine, taste, and odor. This filter will also remove (by adsorption) organic matter from water.

The flow capacity in this standard size cartridge is 0.5 GPM and the maximum pressure allowed is 100 psi.

Replace this filter every 2,500 gallons or 6 months of use. Flush 3 gallons of water through the filter before use.

Dimensions: 2” x 10 "

Max Flow rate: 0.5 gpm

Operation Temperature: 35 °F to 100 °F

Max Pressure: 100 psi

Compare to Omnipure K2533-JJ

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SKU: GAC-2010-I-QC-I ; Alt MPN: IL-10W-C-EZ by PureT, UPC: 852869004541