PAE 2.2-Gallon Reverse Osmosis Water Tank

PAE 2.2-Gallon Reverse Osmosis Water Tank

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This small pressure tank is specially designed for a residential RO system where the space is small under the sink or water use is limited. The tank will accumulate water and provide pressure at the dispensing faucet. The bladder inside the tank will keep the purified water under pressure from the compressed air on the other side of the bladder.

This coated steel tank has a 1/2" stainless steel connector. A tank ball valve (not included) makes the connection with 1/4" tubing possible. It comes with a tank stand. The white color tank has a side-mounted air valve. The outside volume is 3.2 gallons; but, internally the bladder holds 2.2 gallons when feed pressure is at 60 psi.

Dimensions: 9" dia x 14" H ;   Weight: 7 lbs.

Maximum Working Pressure: 100 PSI

The tank is pre-charged at 7 PSI

Feedwater pressure:: Tank Total Storage Capacity

40 PSI :: 1.88 gallons

50 PSI :: 2.06 gallons

60 PSI :: 2.20 gallons

80 PSI :: 2.70 gallons

Alt Part No. TKE-2200W